I love telling stories...

*Please note, I won't be accepting any more writing assignments or working with any new businesses at this time.

As a freelance writer I’m currently in the market for writing assignments, including feature articles and profiles as well as opinion columns. I'd love the opportunity to be given space in your publication. 

I currently devote most of my writing to two Island-based publications:

Arbutus Magazine:


Island Parent:


I can also help you with anything from establishing or editing small business website material including About/Services/Blog pages or content for company material, pamphlets, handouts etc.

I’m open to various projects. For example I was once asked to help with writing a home-building awards entry form and in a former job posting I had at a physiotherapy clinic, I assisted the owner/physiotherapist with her blog.


$50/hour, which includes a free consultation/interview to generate ideas and content, however a deposit of 25% of the quote I provide, which is estimated by the project/assignment and however many hours might be involved, is required before the consultation takes place or any work is completed. There will be lots of room for second meetings and adjustments to material until it’s exactly what is desired.

West Coast Moms Blog:

A big portion of my writing evolves around my parenting blog, which recently welcomed five new mothers and regular contributors. 

This is an honest parenting blog written by West Coast moms. It's also a "time out" for the contributors who need that break to channel thoughts, opinions, and experiences on parenting. Same goes for the readers too, who are seeking advice, solidarity and a moment to themselves. 


There are never-ending challenges and topics that come up with parenting, no matter what age your children are.

I can’t count how many times I’ve texted friends or searched for articles by other parents or professionals on a variety of challenges that come with being a mom.

That’s exactly why I have opened up this parenting blog I started six years ago to a community of writers (not just my own opinions and perspectives).

I got your back and I want to have yours too. As cliche as it is to say, parenting takes a village (it's so true!).

If it wasn’t for the advice from friends and fellow bloggers and developmental psychologists like Gordon Neufeld in books, I’m not sure where I would be (probably curled up in a ball, sobbing in a dark corner of my room). 

Having a great support circle is so important. I hope you can lean on us.

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