Divide and Conquer; Parenting on Different Pages

Parenting is intensely challenging to navigate. Not only do you put a ton of expectations on yourself (let alone any expectations you perceive from others) but you also have literally no idea what you’re in for. It can be difficult to figure out where you land on certain parenting issues. 

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Joining the PAC, for the Right Reasons

It starts innocently enough… a chat in the school parking lot or playground, a parent talking about what grade their child is in, or the sports they are involved in. They ask what little Johnny thinks of his teacher, or what little Susie's favourite class is. And then it comes. The dreaded phrase all parents are familiar with. The one that strikes fear into their bones and makes them run and hide or claim mysterious illnesses….

"We are looking for volunteers for our Parent's Advisory Council.”

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Music and Motherhood

There is nothing better than hearing your child sing at the top of their lungs, off key, passionate, wholehearted, without a concern for judgement from anyone. That is just one of the reasons that becoming a mother has made me appreciate music even more than I ever have before.

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