Back to School, Yay or Nay?


Warning: this column may make me sound like I'm a Debbie Downer, just a wee bit. But I'm always up for being completely honest, so here are my two cents on BTS. 

I can't wait to have some time away from my kids... er wait.. ummm... what I actually meant to say was for them be nourished once again by the most amazing educators and all those amazing extracurricular activities we have available in our amazing community. 

I said amazing three times. Don't get me wrong I highly appreciate all of the above, just as much as I appreciate some me-time. 

I'm looking forward to more structure and routine. Although I'm NOT looking forward to the routine of getting up early every morning and the routine of making lunches every day. 

Prediction: I will last about three weeks give or take of packing nutritious lunches in the evenings in those cute Bento Box Tupperware containers I bought. Hence the word evenings. That is before I resume to last minute morning made lunches of cold pizza or whatever was leftover from the night before, even if it was something the kids hated. Good luck teacher. 

I am excited about the kid's new gear, kicks and cool t-shirts I picked up for this week, but I am giving it about a week to two before Jack rips his first shirt, or beats the crap out of his new DC's. 

It will be great to see him make some new buddies this year and reunite with some of his besties from last year. But I'm just waiting for the inevitable, "Mom, can I have a playdate with so and so?..." and resulting freakout when I say, "Not today..."

OK wow I really do sound like a downer... and I could go on too, but I don't want to scare those Kindy-parents coming into this for the first time. It is what it is. 

I would take any of this stuff I've mentioned for some more me-time, more work time, a cleaner, quieter house and less fighting between siblings who've spent too much time together this summer. 

I truly do thrive on routine and am happy to get back to it. 

I'm curious how other parents feel about back to school?

Shoot me a line in the comments.

Ashley Degraaf