Reasons Why My Kids Cry

Photo by AGrigorjeva/iStock/Getty Images

Photo by AGrigorjeva/iStock/Getty Images

Raising kids is tough work, some days more than others.

Some of my children’s meltdowns are completely valid and serve as teachable moments… others are straight up absurd. Children carry a lot of frustrations and I always try to remember their tantrums are rarely ever about the actual thing that is causing them to cry. Still, there are some pretty amusing reasons why my kids cry. Here are some favourites:

- A classic: banana broke (or literally any other food item for that matter).

- They wanted blueberries in their cereal.

- No wait, now they don’t want blueberries in their cereal.

- They want MORE blueberries in their cereal.

- They don’t even like cereal.

- They want MORE milk (glass is full)

- Eenie meenie miney mo didn’t land on them (of course I’ve pre-planned who it’s landing on based on who is the most cranky to minimize crying, still…).

- Their ice cream is too cold.

- I’m talking, they demand silence.

- I sang the wrong song at bedtime.

- They want popsicles for breakfast (what popsicles!?).

- They wanted to buckle themselves.

- They can’t get the buckle to work, but refuse my help… half an hour later and still not buckled.

- They all want the yellow plate; one of them remembers that Santa gave THEM the yellow plate for Christmas 2016… the fight escalates.

- Wanted sandwich cut. Nope want it whole again.

- They lost the pebble they were carrying and refuse to believe the pebble I’ve picked up was the original pebble.

- I won’t let them sleep with a throat-sized marble they keep putting in their mouth.

- Bathing suit got wet… from water.

- I saved their shot playing hockey after I was instructed to be the goalie.

- I won’t let them wear winter jammies in the middle of summer.

- Daddy tried to help with literally anything while mommy was home.

- Toast is too “toasty.”

- One piece of their pancake doesn’t have syrup drizzled on top… dipping in the copious amounts of runoff is not an option.

- Dog ate whatever food they were done with.

- Sibling ate whatever food they were done with.

- Mommy ate whatever food they were done with.

- I put on the wrong episode of Paw Patrol.

- Sibling stole last puzzle piece and completed the puzzle.

- Got a blister from the boots that are three sizes too small that they just had to wear.

- Sibling flushed the toilet, “That was MY poop!”

- Sibling stole train… or coaches… both infractions are equally infuriating.

- Bedtime.

- Mommy’s leaving to go anywhere.

- Had an accident, but refusing to change.

- I won’t let them push each other down the stairs.

- I won’t let them step on/jump on each other’s stomachs (all participants were willing and now furious with my ruling).

- I agreed to their choice of snack… they were just looking for an argument and I failed to provide one.

My kids can be trying on my patience but they never fail to provide entertainment.

And it’s really only entertainment for others listening to me re-tell the stories.

I’m quite certain these irrational upsets just come with toddler territory, and I would love to hear your favourite meltdown moments.

Leave a line in the comments if you feel inspired to entertain!

Kristie Sykes