Summer Weather is Here, Beach Body or Not

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“Holy crap it’s hot... 

Open up the shorts drawer. 

Aw man. Shorts are still fitting a little too snug for my liking.

Wait, shit I’m supposed to have at least another 30 days of exercising or so before Summer officially starts!”

I’m sure many moms are thinking what I was the other day. Summer weather is here, whether we’re “ready” or not. 

There’s always a lot of talk, hashtags, memes during the Spring about working on the “Summer bod” or “beach body.” As silly and as stupid as it is, it’s something I bet a lot of us think about, even if we won’t admit it. 

Quite often it’s something we contemplate immediately after Christmas pig out-sessions; you know the, “This Spring I’m kicking it into gear so I can be happy with my body this summer,” thoughts. 

I hate thinking this way and try my hardest every day not to. I have been working out quite frequently this Spring, however I’m still not quite where I’d like to be, although I’m close and I really don't care anymore.  

And to be fair, a lot of the shorts in my drawer mentioned above are from the Summer when I lost a bunch of weight just before Audrey turned one and was still on maternity leave.

But I was in beast mode then. I was running 10K’s with both kids in a double stroller. I was crazy. 

It sure was a nice feeling being able to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe and also to have clothes that had been too tight before fit nicely or even a little loose. 

But my body was deflated. My boobs were a little sad. Actually, they were devastated. My face was approaching that too much cheek bone look. 

It wasn’t realistic for me to maintain that weight, especially after I went back to work and started my own business. 

I’m a curvy girl. I’m learning to embrace my bootylicious-ness. 

Instead of chasing that “skinny girl” dream, I’m now going for the Kardashian look. (So, I should sell those stupid shorts right!)

In all seriousness… wait, let me make it clear before I go on, I kind of despise the Kardashians… OK so I’m running at least twice a week, using my stationary bike in the evenings on busy days, and including at least two to three home-based workouts focused on abs and sculpting and firming the butt. 

You know the current trend with all those skin-coloured tights bum selfies and captions with peach emoji’s? I hate to admit it, but I've kind of been inspired by it, maybe just a little. I actually posted my first bum selfie on my Instagram story the other day and felt weird about it after, even though it was hash tagged #Momjeans.  

Putting aside the ego, I’m feeling healthy and good about it. Not only does exercise make me feel that way, it’s also a way to relieve stress. I want my kids to see that being fit and healthy is important too. 

So, my point is, so what if you’re not “beach body” ready quite yet or at all? How do we really even define a beach body? Keep your chin up. Keep working on whatever goals you’ve set, even if it feels like we’re in the middle of summer already. And just love your body for what it is on these amazing sunny days. 

And, I will reiterate one of my favourite memes or posts I’ve been seeing a lot of lately:

How to get a beach body: GO TO THE BEACH! 

Ashley Degraaf