What We Really Want, for Mother's Day

Photo by A-Basler/iStock / Getty Images

Kristy Symes:

I will keep it real here. Diamonds ARE a girls best friend and I wouldn't be disappointed to open up a little box with a couple of large shiny studs staring me in the face. No complaints there.

But, Mother's Day is about more than shiny things. It's about celebrating motherhood and those sweet babies who made me a mother. It is about appreciating everything from pregnancy, labour and delivery, the endless night feedings and emotional and mental load that being a mother entails. It's about the laughter and joy I get from being a mother to two adorable little humans. And, one very sweet and patient pup too. So my ideal Mother's Day wouldn't be spent alone in a spa with an overnight stay (although, that would make the perfect gift). It would be spent with my family.

It would be a day at the beach, or a trip to the train. It could be a stop at the local plant nursery to pick out some things for our garden. It would be breakfast made with love by my family, a picnic lunch I didn't have to pack or an easy dinner of take-out I didn't have to order. It would be cheesy gifts made with macaroni and hand paints. It would be small breaks here and there and my husband taking a little more on and giving me a little less responsibility.

But, I wouldn't say No to those diamonds. 

Kristie Sykes:

It’s that wonderful time of year again where I'm reminded that I birthed children; thank goodness for Mother’s Day, otherwise I may have forgotten. Today will surely be all about me, and in no way will my preschooler/toddlers be asking anything of me. I mean, they just get it, right?! 

They just know Mommy wants to sleep in. The morning will go effortlessly, and they will help Daddy make my favourite brunch while I slowly wake from my slumber. Naturally, they will have filled their bellies with Dad while I was still sleeping, so they won't ask for a bite of my food. I will drink my tea hot and won’t have to worry about spilling it on them because they will respect my space. 

I’ll go for a sunny jog, and the dog wouldn’t dare tug on the leash today. She gets me. 

I’ll have a nice long hot shower in peace. I will curiously weigh myself after; sweet... lost five lbs. today. 

I was looking forward to a lovely afternoon outside playing whimsically with the kids, but my husband has surprised me with a spa day. I’ll miss my children terribly, but I want to show him I appreciate the gesture, so I’ll go. 

Upon returning home, my kids are over the moon to see me, and they've been making Mother’s Day cards while I was out… which I soon learn are filled with Lululemon gift cards. 

Once again my hubby has surprised me with dinner plans. He minds the children while I get ready, and we’re off in no time. We have a wonderful time catching up and laughing the night away. We hardly speak about the children because we have so many other interesting things going on in our lives we need to catch up on. 

The kids are in bed sound asleep when we get home, and we are assured they were angels while we were gone. 

Yep, just another Mother’s Day in the books.

Amber Regamey Marsh:

Every year for Mother's day my kids make cute gifts and heartwarming cards, and I absolutely love them, of course. But what I really, selfishly want from my kids is a few days away. By myself. Without my phone. To be utterly unreachable. To have them find their own socks and brush their teeth without reminders. To have them remember their own schedules and get up for school on their own. 

It goes without saying that I love being a mom, but after 12 years, I just want 48-hours of solitude. I'd relax in nature, read books, and not once think about the spelling test they need help to study for or the baseball cleats that need replacing. 

And if that can't be given, next best thing is a bottle of wine hidden in my home-made cards.

Sarah Byrne:

What I truly want for Mother’s Day is actually five separate gifts. All are gifts of time.

1. A pre-planned date with my husband; Kid free and organized so I don’t have to think about anything. Time to reconnect, relax and enjoy each other.

2. 3. and 4. A pre-planned date with each of my children. One-on-one time with just them. And also doing an activity that each of them enjoy, and so I can enjoy them and focus on them doing something they love. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. It could be a couple of hours together at a park, doing art together or going for a nature walk. Just time to connect and be able to provide them with my undivided attention, which seems so rare these days.

5. A few hours to myself. No activity planned, but something that's away from the house. Just myself and a book. And possibly the beach. Something with no pressure or concern about what was going on around me.

You see, I have everything I need. But what I find really precious are the times I get with the ones I love the most.

Ashley Degraaf:

For Mother's Day, I don't expect my husband to roll out the red carpet (really, I'm not his mother, but the kids are still little enough and at an age where they need assistance and guidance on how to share Mother's Day with me), however I do appreciate love the small gestures, flowers, making me breakfast, watching the kids so I can have a long bath, etc. I'm actually quite lucky as he does this stuff quite often already.

What I typically want on Mother's Day is to spend a day out with my mom and grandma and this year Audrey will be joining us (unless she has one of her mega meltdowns or hissy fits from the time I wrote this to tomorrow morning when we go). And we're going for pedicures and lunch.

It sounds simple but it's important and I'm always super excited about the day. I've always believed moms should take lots of time to pamper themselves, as much as possible anyways. A happy wife/mom equals a happy life right? A mom that has cute, freshly-painted toes, and has maybe picked up a new spring dress, will certainly feel amazing. It sounds vain, but it's true, for me anyways! I'm excited this year, for the first time to share our girl's day with my daughter.