All I Want for Christmas and in the New Year; Kristy's Wishlist

Photo by Mima88/iStock / Getty Images

I came up with a quirky parent wishlist post last year based on some of the things I really wanted for Christmas and in the New Year. I wasn't holding back and honesty was key. This year I created a similar list, but I also asked my writers to submit theirs for a series called All I Want for Christmas and in the New Year. 

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Sure, snow would be great but that isn't what I mean. 

I want a night or two in pristine white sheets and a white billowy duvet piled high on a pillow top mattress in a nice hotel room.... by myself. No kids, no husband. 

Bonus points for fireplace, heated pool, jetted tub and good coffee. Extra bonus points for a friend in a neighbouring room to hot tub and dine with. 

This has been my dream for almost three years, since having my son. I love my kids but they wake me up a lot. I love my husband, but he snores. He snores so loudly I've forced him to make multiple sleep apnea screening appointments. I'm still not convinced of the negative results. 

For Christmas, I would love nothing more than a good book, a bottle of wine, and at least 24 full hours of alone time. And a really, really nice fluffy white bed. 

So, all I want for Christmas is...not you. 

Kristy Symes

Editor's note: after Kristy sent in her Wishlist post, she also shared to our group this hilarious video titled, 'Home Alone; The Mom Version' which somewhat resembled what she's wanting for Christmas.