All I Want for Christmas and in the New Year; Ashley's Wishlist


Coming up with the parent version of a Christmas Wishlist and setting some intentions for the New Year comes quite easy for me as most of these items I’ve included on my list play and skip like a broken record through my mind or shuffle and repeat all day long, all year long.

So here we go (this may read just as if I’m translating thoughts in my head, very much like free-writing, so beware).

· Find a happy place when it comes to my weight. One moment I’m happy with my curves… I look in the mirror and think, "Most dudes like a chick with some junk in the trunk, right?… some tits and ass?" (I told you to beware!). However, there are definitely times I’m thinking quite the opposite and upset about where I’ve settled this year with my weight.

When I have lost a lot of weight in the past, not only do my boobs completely deflate but my spirits too as I’m a huge food lover. I hate dieting. On the flip side, I also hate when I get in funks of not exercising and eating crappy, so here’s to a Christmas and New Year of happy mediums, where I’m OK with indulging a little but not going too crazy with the Nanaimo bars, and also keeping up with my exercise routine as I have been doing already pretty well this month.

· Creating a daily mantra of, “I love my body,” and “Look at dat ass!!!!…”

· That’s it!

· OK I’m only kidding. The most obvious item on most parents Wishlists, that should almost be mandatory, is working on my children’s behaviour. Without getting into it too much, I just want my kids to love each a little more every day. I thought when my son started school and they would be apart more they would get along a little better. This hasn’t been the case. So please some more moments of lovingness and kindness would just be so splendid. Thank you.

· Less tantrums from Audrey. I’m really hoping she never bites me again.

· Less attitude from Jack. That started recently.

· Being OK with the fact we haven’t done hardly any Christmas activities this year. We forgot about the Duncan light up, we said screw the Ladysmith light up and we’ve never actually been to Butchart Gardens (although I wouldn’t mind). 

· More organization to my work schedule. HAH! Good luck St. Nick.

· Taking some time off over the holidays from my business, including social media posts. That’s going to be challenging.  

· Speaking of my business, checking off all the goals I created last year for my writing, this blog and my family photography and feeling damn good about where I’ve come.

· Drinking celebratory wine for crushing those goals, obviously.

· Being more confident in my decision-making as both a parent and business owner. I am confident in my decision to talk about my boobs and butt in this blog post.

· I’m going to go the opposite of most people on this one… drinking more booze every week. And that is so I don’t get so hungover when I only have the occasional glass of wine or beer. Makes sense, right?

· To quit being such a Netflix slut. I don’t know how many series it’s going to take of me binge-watching and then feeling utterly disappointed when it’s over and I have to wait probably another year for the next season, for me to learn.

· And lastly, simply laughing off the pull-your-hair-out moments with my kids more. Hysterically laughing, that is, just you know to frighten them.

Ashley Degraaf