All I Want for Christmas and in the New Year; Sara's Wishlist


For Christmas I want a loud crazy day of PJ's, gifts, too much candy, movies, batteries, LEGO, nerf guns, snowball fights, and a big breakfast for six.

I want this long drawn out process of adoption to be over and done with. I want my children to all have the same last name. 

I want our family of six to be complete. I want our family to move to the next stage in our lives. I want the government to keep their promises and remember we are a family and we matter.

I want to hear, “Mom and Dad,” all the time and I want, "I love you’s," and, "I love you too's," all day long. 

For Christmas I want my children to be mine.

Truth be told... I would also like to gorge myself with no consequences for my actions and still lose weight. 

Sara Tromp