Golden Hour Session, The Crowfoots


Where do I even start with this session? It ranks pretty high with my favourites. Here are some reasons why: I have been photographing this family almost since the start of my photography journey. I love that they keep coming back. It makes sessions feel more like visits with friends. Billy is just so cute. I mean the cutest. He may be a little serious in front of the camera, but man that “Blue Steel” look he gives me is just to die for. Talk about stylish too. Thanks to their gorgeous momma, who is also a very talented jewellery maker, they always show up with the perfect look! I love how Claire wore an Eliza Faulkner (Cow Valley-raised, Montreal-based fashion designer) dress. Billy had a number of outfits too, all equally cute. I love how mom and dad interacted with him. The love really shows. And, this is a big AND… they were willing to hang out and chill until that perfect golden glow glistened over the mountains. There’s a reason why photographers get so giddy about golden hour. The lighting is very flattering! And it allows you to get creative, for example: that family photo at the end of this post, where Claire and Lawrence are kissing Billy on the top of his head, isn’t it cool how the golden light is shining through them? And how Billy’s face is lit up and their bodies together are almost creating a heart-shape? AHHHHH. Please scroll through to the end. Thanks the Crowfoots for being so amazing.