Maternity Session, Holly + Richard


Holly and Richard’s Maternity Session was a dream. Holly had mentioned she might like to try for a golden hour-styled shoot… right then at that moment I was stoked! Not often do I get to shoot during the prime “golden hour” which for those of you who aren’t familiar is about an hour or so before the sun starts setting, especially that last half hour just before the sun dips behind the mountains. Right now that time is 7:30 p.m. We originally planned to meet at the lovely Bird’s Eye Cove Farm in Genoa Bay but the sun disappeared behind the mountain too fast from that viewpoint and we had to make a quick decision to convoy somewhere else. We headed over to the Mt. Tzhouhalem area, which thankfully was close. And we hit the jackpot with the sunset. There wasn’t any rush either, not having little kids who need to get to bed, so we lingered for that last shot which was kind of a more creative one for me, a little darker and I think super cool. I must say too that Holly looks amazing. PS: she’s expecting twin girls! They even brought their adorable dog Gunner along. Here are some of their favourites and my favourite (last image).