Maternity Sessions, Karen + Michelle


The Winter is always my off-season for photography although it seems this year I’ve been pretty busy and consistent. This is also the time of year where I do things like set goals, work on my parenting blog, update my website, prepare my tax return (NO FUN!) and this year I took a really amazing photography e-course. AND I also use this time to build my portfolio and do a couple free, creative shoots. I set a goal to do two mini maternity shoots as that was an area of my portfolio I wanted to expand.

I would love to do more maternity shoots this year (hint hint). And PS: I’ve got a great maternity/newborn package (shoot me a line if that interests you). For these two sessions, we had snow, lots!

For the first shoot with Karen, it was actually snowing during the shoot and it was magical. Snow creates a very soft, ethereal feel to photos and that’s my THING! I loved the colours she wore and I found some neat backdrops, very earthy-looking with tons of texture, that worked wonders with her outfit. She’s an outdoorsy gal, so it was super fitting. Her hair was styled by my friend Amanda at Ramblerose Hair Salon in Lake Cowichan. She looked sooooo stunning.

For Michelle’s shoot, I loved how the red dress popped with the white backdrop. I found it a bit challenging as we shot mid-day with full sun, however I used the light coming through the trees for most of the poses. She looked like a snow queen, pregnancy goddess, don’t you think? And she was totally the one behind putting eucalyptus in her hair! I wish I could take credit. Thanks ladies for being such gorgeous models.