Summer Session, The Belanger Family


This session was so amazing for a number of reasons. I've known this family for some time so it was great to catch up and capture their little guy Walker's milestones, which included standing up, taking steps with dad AND, most importantly rock collecting and discovering so many "clues" on that river bed that day. I joked with his mom that I almost felt like photoshopping a magnifying glass in his hand. He was so intrigued and serious about those rocks. For this session we met at the Glenora Trailhead Park area and took our time walking through the trails along the river finding cool spots. This family is outdoorsy and visit this area often, so we felt like it was the perfect place to meet. They booked a full session, which meant we weren't in any rush. We spent about two hours together, some of it hiking mind you, but I also captured some cute moments with Walker in the carrier, which one person commented on Facebook of the b/w photo near the bottom of this post that it should be an MEC advertisement. AND as we were wrapping up, I noticed Walker was getting in a super happy, giggly mood, so I said let's pop back into the trail and get some more shots. There were so many frames from those last five minutes! Here are some favourites: