Newborn Sessions, Lifestyle with a Fine Art Twist


When I first began my family photography journey, I made a goal to educate myself on photography once every winter. Last year I took an online photography course by one of my inspirations (Twyla Jones). 

This year, I put a call out to expecting mothers willing to let me come by and photograph their sweet babies in return of some free photos. I call this education by experience. Since I started my business, I've been contemplating what type of newborn photography I prefer and am most comfortable capturing, the more posed photos or lifestyle-inspired sessions. In the meantime, I've also been following Twig & Olive photography, and by following I mean almost obsessing over everything they do. They capture the sweetest newborn photographs that include vintage and rustic touches, and blankets, baskets and greenery that's in bloom. Because these guys are so rad, I kind of jumped the gun when I decided to update my website with "fine art newborn portraits" as an option. 

Quite quickly I realized that the timing wasn't right for me (and took that down). I feel like before I can offer that style, I would like to either take a newborn posing workshop or utilize next year's winter months to practise again. Newborn posing is TRICKY! What I found during these model sessions was that I could easily spend an entire two hours simply waiting for a newborn to fall asleep (I pretty much did that with the first family I met). And I could easily miss a lot of special moments. Even with a heater to make the baby cozy, a full tummy and a ton of patience, some babies just want to be held, or be on the breast or bottle the majority of the session.

With that said, I decided what I want to offer families is a session based primarily on a more candid style, where I capture mom and dad holding their new addition and other moments like cuddles with their sibling(s), being fed by mom, and those little details I would likely end up cherishing the most. AND if the little one is cooperative I can certainly add in a few of those more "fine art" shots of just baby in the final gallery. I think it's the perfect blend and I'm so happy I was able to come to this conclusion after finishing these model sessions. Thank you so much to the families for inviting me in to your homes and to snuggle your babes. This post is a compilation of the babies I got to practise with. It also showcases the style I will be offering.