Maternity Session, Courtney


We got sun on this maternity shoot! It was both exciting for the clients and me too as January was a very rainy, dark and gloomy month... although it did present some challenges with lighting. I love a challenge though! So we tucked into the woods for quite a few of the outdoor shots. I scouted out a beautiful spot along the Cowichan River in the Skutz Falls area with some grassy bluffs, ferns and treed areas (unfortunately the river scene was totally blown out by the sun). It was definitely a very West Coast-inspired session, which I very much love. At the start, I met Courtney at an indoor location and we took a few more intimate shots before we headed out. They also brought their dog as well, which I'm always a huge fan of. I can't wait to meet their baby girl, due to arrive in March. Thanks Courtney and Matt!