Fall Minis, Family Sessions


I’m already missing those rich colours and warm golden hues… Fall Sessions were so much fun this year! I always love creating images with bold colours and Fall definitely allows me to get that out of my system. This year’s sessions took place at various places around the Cowichan Valley, including the Garry Oak Reserve, Maple Bay Manor, Meade Creek, a nature park in Lake Cowichan and a field in the Cowichan Station area. I love using a variety of locations if possible and locations that have different backdrops as well. I don’t want every client to have the exact same look for their photos. And I just love cruising around the valley looking for neat spots, those hidden gems with rich colours and dense backgrounds i.e.; cool trees, long grass, loads of greenery. I’m kind of obsessed actually with it. I have a little note file in my phone I use to keep track of location ideas so I won’t forget. On another note: Next Fall my daughter will be at the age where she will be in full-time school, the same school as her brother (life is going to get easier!) thus I’m already utilizing that time in my head to have a day or two to simply spend location scouting. Back to Fall Sessions, these families were awesome and I’d like to thank all of them for allowing me to capture their cuteness.