Year in Review, 2017


It's been yet another amazing year where I've been lucky to capture so many families, some new ones and lots of returning clients as well as friends and family. 

I've been feeling rather reflective lately about the job of a photographer. 

I think it's really exciting with the new technology, extremely rewarding with the opportunities and forums in which we can showcase our work, and also very challenging with how photos are sometimes perceived. 

What can be accomplished in just the editing program Lightroom is unbelievably amazing. There are a million tutorials on how to achieve certain looks in post-processing. I’ve watched tons. Camera equipment is so advanced it’s really quite fun and cool what you can capture. I've made many upgrades to my gear this year. 

When I mentioned challenging above, I am referring to the insecurities we all face and I think are heightened by silly apps like Snapchat and filters on Instagram, for example. 

These insecurities and distorted realities of how we look in real life versus with filters definitely plays a large role in how photos we deliver are seen. I think we need to educate clients more in self-love as well as work our hardest to show and tell them how beautiful they really are. 

This year I’ve realized I'm still in love with more candid moments as well as the softer, fine art portraits. I have been shooting most sessions completely wide open to achieve that ethereal feel.

I’m in love with my newest lens, the Sigma Art 35, although I think I’m a little obsessed with the f1.4 setting. 

I'd like to now say thank you to all my clients in 2017. I hope to see you again and watch your family grow. Thank you for being there for me through this journey!

Here are some of my favourite images from the year, beginning and ending with photos of my daughter Audrey (with a few of my son Jack included as well). I love seeing the colours and textures fluctuate as the seasons change. You will see a little bit of how my style has evolved through the year, some more artistic shots, as well as those dreamy portraits I’ve come to love.