West Coast Moms was inspired by a parenting column I wrote as a journalist for a community newspaper. I started publishing my columns on the blog which started as more of a hobby than anything with a small fan club of only friends and family… fast forward seven years and that audience has grown as well as the blog itself in many ways.

Photo by Ashley Degraaf

Photo by Ashley Degraaf

West Coast Moms is now a well-rounded parenting blog and community, thriving thanks to a variety of writers who contribute. I have recruited several local parents to write as either guests or on a regular basis. My regular contributors are Kristy Symes, Kristie Sykes, Sarah Byrne, Amber Regamey Marsh and Jocelyn Lundberg. Kristy Symes is my right-hand gal when it comes to formatting post and social media. She’s taken a lead role with WCM and I’m grateful.

Furthermore, WCM is an honest parenting blog (with a strong no-sugar coating policy) as well as a "time out" for the contributors who need that break to get their thoughts, opinions, and experiences on parenting onto paper, or rather published online. The same goes for the readers too, who are likely seeking advice, solidarity and a moment to themselves. It’s truly comforting to know we’re all going through this crazy parenting experience together.

We update the blog often with a variety of posts from all different stages of life, newborns and toddlers to early teens. If you are interested in guest writing, please get in touch with me via email: ashleydegraaf@outlook.com

Thanks for reading!

~ Ashley Degraaf