September 8, 2022

Summer Session, Mt. Tzouhalem


This session was one of those sessions that reminds me why I love what I do just so much and how grateful I am. The recipe for success included a very easy-going, nice family, parents that were happy to enjoy the time with their children and myself, happy to interact with each other, and most of all, up for having fun. The beautiful sunset and location didn't hurt either. I do get a lot of joy working with children. I love getting them laughing, smiling and making connections. This session was captured on a section of Mt. Ts’uwxilum (Tzouhalem) in the Maple Bay area. This popular local landmark was originally named “Shkewetsen” (meaning “warming in the sun”) by the local people, and according to lore, it is where original inhabitants escaped during a primordial flood. We patiently waited for the sun to hover and then slowly dip behind the mountains, for that golden glow. Enjoy these favourites: