Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.
~ Henry David Thoreau.

My name is Ashley Degraaf and I'm a freelance writer and family photographer based out of the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island. I'm also the creator, editor and writer of a parenting blog. 

I've recently found my calling, combining several of my passions: observing, asking questions, learning new things, discovering people's quirks and most of all seeing the beauty in every day instances.

And I do that through both my writing and my blog as well as the family photography portion of my business.

I love telling stories, whether it's behind the lens or written word. Rarely do I ever turn off my creativity and artistic vision. Even when I'm out and about with my children I take ordinary moments and wonder how I might be able to turn them into a great photo, for example or a cool story I can share with others.

I love meeting new people.