I've recently found my calling, combining several passsions: observing, asking questions, learning new things, meeting people and discovering their quirks and most of all seeing the beauty in every day instances. 

And I do that through both my writing and editing projects, both of my blogs as well as the photography portion of my business, which is all based out of the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island.

And it has evolved over years of coffee-drinking, studying journalism and English literature and working as a reporter. I graduated from Vancouver Island University with a Bachelor of Arts, a major in Creative Writing/Journalism and minor in English.

I also spent time working for two local newspapers, one of which now has unfortunately closed. Working for the Cowichan News Leader Pictorial, I covered a little bit of everything. And I mean everything including council meetings, breaking news, arts and entertainment, sports and charity events and fundraisers. 

I’ve written in-depth features on water births and birth photography, for example and I was also very lucky to have a monthly mommy column published on funny, interesting and controversial parenting topics.

I'm also very lucky to be the mom to two very cool and beautiful children Jack and Audrey.

All along the way, I've kept my Canon cameras close. I captured photos to run with feature articles. I've documented my crazy life raising my children. 

Today, on a day-to-day basis I’m either snapping cool shots with my iPhone of my crew or lugging around my cameras to capture photos for clients or for projects/assignments I'm working on. 

As a writer/editor/photographer I can offer a number of services (please click on the Info page for more on both writing/photography services, rates, what's new and availability as well as my resume). 

Also look through my Portfolio pages as well to see samples of my photography. 

As a blogger, I hope I can entertain you with our adventures and provide some knowledge from my experiences of being a mommy of two. My blog is called 'Coffee Mom.' If you know me, you know this perfectly sums me up in two words. From time to time I also include guest blog posts from other wonderful parents in the community. I also have a second blog on various photography topics as well as 'Feature' favourite sessions (see that blog as well under, ya you guessed it, 'Featured').

Questions and inquiries can be directed to 250-701-5901 or ashleydegraaf@outlook.com. 

Nice to meet you. 

The photos of me and my children were taken by the lovely and very talented photographer Amee Nijjar.